Friday, June 9, 2017

When I look inward,
down to my very depths
I see a vast ocean of greatness,
molded from the eternities.
Vast hidden waves well up, meeting no shore
amid the infinity of my being.
I am powerful. I am great.
And I am terrified.
Looking down from my lofty heights
I see the world,
and I will change it.
Like clay in the hand of a sculptor,
I will mold the masses of the world
into a more perfect order.
Humanity is an inconvenience,
Merely tying me down
To the surreal normalcy of life,
Holding me back from destiny,
Keeping me in the lower realm,
Damning me to dwell amid mortality.
Universes melt before me,
Leaving mere vapors where before stood empires.
Mighty, powerful, admirable in their own way
but nothing before the immensity of my soul.
Races bow down in my presence,
the billions of the earth kneel,
feeling the power of my spirit.
Many souls are absorbed into mine,
attracted to a kindred and mighty aura.
And when I rise, nothing will stop me.
I will destroy what comes into my heart,
leaving a vast and majestic loneliness.
Nothing else remains.
No opposition rises against my reign.
In all the universe, just one thing remains;
the infinity of my soul
amid the drowned destruction of eternity.
My ocean has overcome all.
My waves have come crashing down.
I am powerful. I am great.
And I stand terrified before the reality of my own self.

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